Julia Pearce.

The first act was a road that twisted along when I was younger, when I thought I knew where I was going. The adventure began when I met my husband and then, entered our son.

The second act was with our son, an incredible soul who broadened our world while fine tuning it. Doing those many things that I never knew were coming, yet again. This is where I learned to dance along with whatever came. 

Now, the third act without that beloved son and I am changing again. I am listening and finding more spaces and more places here. Doing it with faith and hope and trust and the ability to stay curious. Acts and chapters and peace and two steps to find a rhythm in my new nature. I am doing the next last thing.

Looking up to find what is being taught now will always be a part of this act, my friends. Welcome to my third act.

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Things I need to do today: Breathe in, breathe out.