Capturing moments and saying them out loud...


There are words that come to my mind as I walk along a sidewalk, a path or driving down the road. Often, the words come as a song starts on the radio and I am drumming the beat on my table.

Other words flow as the everyday life experiences come and go and come again. This could be the sunrise, the wind blowing grass along a road or sudden laugh coming from a joke being told. 

Capturing the moment to share with those who come along the way with us is what may be the next important step for me.

The words, once written, feel settled and at home on the page. Even the words that are difficult to say can be found here. 

Saying them out loud, telling parts of the story to others as shared lived experiences brings that settled feeling to myself and others. Often, we relax our shoulders and foreheads together.

The Boy Who Became More Than We Could Imagine

This memoir is a poignant and uplifting book that explores the life of Dallin, a young boy who was enchanted by music from the very beginning. From his earliest days as an infant, music was a source of joy and comfort, and it was always present in his life.

The author shares how, in 2013, music took on a new meaning for her after Dallin's passing. She struggled to listen to music without being overwhelmed with emotions. It took years before she could hear music again and let it bring back memories of Dallin and his love for music.

Through each chapter titled after a song, the author shares a story of Dallin's life and the experiences he had that made him the boy he was. From facing adversity to discovering new joys, Dallin lived a life that was full of music and rhythm.

This book is a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of music to heal and inspire. It invites readers to join the author on a journey through Dallin's life and to be inspired by his love for music and his unwavering spirit. "The Boy Who Became More Than We Could Imagine; How Music brought rhythm and joy into a lifetime of illness, disability and constant change for an unstoppable human." is a book that will touch the hearts of readers and remind them of the importance of cherishing every moment.

Julia Pearce The Boy Who Became More Than We Could Imagine Book