Different perspectives #140 

Different perspectives

Different perspectives 

Perception and different perspectives.

What does this mean to you?

Perhaps it depends on where you sit.

It has been different perspectives at other times as I now pause with a memory.

Sitting on a mountain next to the trees that grow like this. 

Seemingly out of thin air on a ridge where it appears that nothing can be supported. 

Yet this tree created its roots and found a way to keep growing among the rocks.

I have begun to wonder how this tree did it when others did not appear to be nearby.

Did the tree start with the roots more firmly planted in the ground and then other forces changed how it needed to grow? 

Perhaps the roots did begin deeper in the ground then the winds began to whirl around and whittle away at the base of this tree. 

The tenacity of the roots of this tree are what I see now. 

It’s as if the tree is walking up the hill, seeking higher ground. 

I’m not sure that can happen so the tree is finding more solid footing right here, right now. 

What if that is what I can learn from this tree? 

Find my feet and continue to grow. 

Different perspective brings along a chance for me to see things in a new way.

Different perspectives may also mean that my beliefs in what has happened bring along a chance for me to see things in a new way.

Perceptions come into play for me, as well. 

Let me tell you about what is right around the bend on this mountain. 

There is a mighty pine tree that has dirt all around its base and new growth on every branch within a few feet of the tree you see. 

Two trees and two experiences. 

Is that possible in life? 

I do like both trees and what they show me. 

Times when I have dug deep, found that my roots are there to keep me in place. 

Along with the winds whipping at my roots. 

Then other times when new growth is popping up all around to take me to the next thing. 

I am the one who get to have a different perspective.

What I find is that I am the one who gets to have different perspectives on different days. 

Even when the landscape may be the same around me. 

This day on top of the canyon it was me who turned to see these two trees.


Other days, it is when I turn to see a person and then a different perspective is given to me.

I recently had an experience with someone that gave me another way of seeing things.

A friend shared some good news for themself and then said that another person close to them had a different set of news come to them. 

It broke my friend’s heart that their good news had come, and yet that they could not have taken the more difficult set of things on for this other person. 

Then these words were said: why could it not have been me? I would do it all for them. 

This different perspective melted us both.

This different perspective said out loud melted us both and we nodded and hugged. 

My friend was standing with their roots being whipped and whirled away at that exact moment. 

I could only be mindful next to them and be there with my roots trying to stay in place while letting the tears roll. 

We were thinking about what may come for this other person in the world. We took a breath and then we took another breath. 

My friends, being given a different perspective sometimes comes while we least expect it. 

This day is when I turned to greet someone, and they shared immense and powerful love for someone else. 

Days of holding on to the top of a ridgeline or springing with new growth. 

Moments of being in that one space with a friend who stood with me as I heard my own sudden news. 

When I knew that my best friend was there to listen and stand in space, together. 

I also have come to know that different perspectives are what led me to understand that I was able to decide what decisions to make with our son throughout his life. 

To be mindful of what is next while being here to renew and start again from where I sit.

What’s in your space?

Make space for the silence and perspectives. I am here for what we can learn together. 

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