Finer Than Frog Hair #144 

Finer Than Frog Hair

Finer Than Frog Hair 


The heat of summer is here in my part of the world. 


Yet I am still pulling on the long sleeves and closed toe shoes to stay comfy when the fans and air conditioning comes on. 


Some may say that this is different from their realm. I say I am finer than frog hair when it comes to how I’m feeling inside an old cold building. 


Now, let me sit in the sun and dip my toes into a pool and that is where you may find me feeling a bit more relaxed in at least sandals and a shorter sleeved top! 


Think about what being fine means to you. 


Now, let’s go with this time-tested quote of being like an amphibian and being finer than frog hair


This is one phrase that I’ve heard over the years from my dad when he describes a good and now, a great day. 


When he first began saying it, I would laugh and agree. 


Then I started to think about it and would wonder. 


Does a frog have hair?  


How fine is it? 


What does this mean and why does my dad continue to say it? 


Over the years, there are few things that I have come to take from this timely saying. 


Here are a couple for you to consider with me. 

Being finer than frog hair could mean that the thing is excellent.

Being finer than frog hair could mean that the thing in front of me is supremely excellent. 

It could be that the decorations, dress or setting is marvelous and amazing. 


I like this way of looking at things because it seems to pull my eyes to what is beautiful and going well. 

It is the way I am choosing to look at a view that brings in the excellent pieces. 


Looking at the details in a way that brings out the best parts. 


That is being in joy for this moment. 


M’hm. Fine is marvelous with this way of looking at things. 


Now, another way to view is perhaps what I have come to learn with my dad saying this over these years. 

When he says I’m finer than frog hair it could be alongside other details.

When he says I’m finer than frog hair it can be right alongside some other details he is holding onto for that moment. 


Perhaps he is getting ready to rest and has settled into a comfy chair. 

The striped blanket is near and so is the fan that can be adjusted by a long stick. 


Being fine in this sense of the phrase is being in this moment with whoever is next to him. 


Smiling or thinking about things that happen around him. 


Looking at the one person who is there most often and that he says incredibly personal things to during a day. 

Maybe that is how my dad feels finer than frog hair as well. 


Who is that person? Well, the one who has been through thick and thin and back again! 

Thanks, mom, for being the one who makes the world good and beautiful and truly finer than frog hair. 


You’ve outdone yourself. 

What grand appreciation there is for watching you two create finer moments. 


Have you seen this in your realm? 


Now, what sense of this quote do you feel drawn to? 


Here is one more consideration.


I feel this when I see a color in the wind or in a row of flowers. 


My, how that is finer than what I could have expected. 

It is truly exceptional and better than a chorus of frogs on lily pads. 


What about seeing an amazing piece of art or design that makes you stop in your tracks? 


Aha. That is where my heart has jumped and I found myself tilting my head a bit to the left, pausing as I wondered in awe about how the creation was started. 


There are many times when a walk through a museum or gallery has slowed my steps to consider such beautiful things in this world I get to be in. 


Wait, did I say two things? 


Delete that because I have a third. 

Friends who bring a sense of being finer than frog hair.

I would be mistaken if I did not add this piece about friends, true friends, who bring a sense of being finer than frog hair. 


Being in the tiny moments with a friend, like the two boys in my house, is like sunshine bouncing off a lake in a bright morning. 


Starting on a hike at dawn and then reaching a mountain lake right as the birds sing. 


Watching the hilarity of comedians going off script and loving every minute of it. 


Okay! I understand that I am the one who received this chorus so often. 

I now invite you to find, create and be around those who bring this purposeful wonder to your world. 


Think about what is finer than frog hair in your world and do more of it. 

My dad will be grinning at all of it right along with me. 


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  1. Margene Morris on June 11, 2024 at 2:39 pm

    Just simply, Thank you for sharing! You find the crooks and crannies of my sometimes frail mind. You are the best.

    • Julia Pearce on June 13, 2024 at 2:56 am

      I love your mind, my friend. Our lives our better by being here together! love ya

  2. Susan Bradshaw on June 13, 2024 at 6:32 pm

    So funny! I have never heard this statement before! I love it! So glad you can enjoy this statement and remember and guess what it could mean in certain situations! I feel that way right now! “finer than frog hair”!
    Love ya’

    • Julia Pearce on June 17, 2024 at 2:12 pm

      I love that you now get to join my dad’s group of being finer that frog hair! Hope you have fun with it and that you are wonderfully finer than every before!
      Love ya

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