What’s Needed for Travel? #147 

Needed for travel

What’s Needed for Travel?


How many of you are ready to take a road trip soon? 


Do you have a list of things you were going to pack at your fingertips? 


I’ve been on a few trips, and I now have my go to items ready to toss into my rolling bag and backpack. 


Think about what you’d like to have ready as we think about what’s needed for travel this time. 


Here is why I’d like to talk about this with you, my friends. 


I recently saw this on a trip, and it helped me get curious about what I take with me. 


This hot air balloon is a sculpture based on an image from 1820 by Etienne-Gaspard Robert. He was a magician and a balloonist and envisioned all the comforts needed for an aerial voyage. 

Let’s take a look at some of what’s needed for travel.

Let’s take a look at some of what’s needed for travel here. 


See if you can find each of them with me! 


There is a large barrel that could be used to store a variety of must haves. 


I use my handy dandy backpack now so I wonder which would be better suited for travel.


Could I secure what is seen here on my road trip? 


A large telescope is on the front, I believe.

That could be a great place as it may help knowing what turn to take around a cloud or two. 


Where else would you look when up in the sky? 


I might also be on the lookout for flocks of seagulls and a sparrow or two. 


Think about this one as we keep going. 


Do you see a house on the balloon? 

Pause with the travel plans it could bring.

Wondering about this possibility helps me pause with the travel plans it could bring. 


Is there a change in a road trip to a cloud trip with this as an option? 


That could be magical for me to consider. 


Looking up at what the clouds hold has been a favorite pastime for me. 


Yes, a favorite for most of my life as a child and with my own young boy. 


This house so near what I love to look at could be divine. 


Just imagine what we could become, my friends. 


There is one more thing we can look for on this sculpture. 


Do you see an anchor? 


I’m not sure how this could be helpful floating along and yet let’s think about it. 

Is traveling the time when you have what’s needed.

Is traveling the time when you have what’s needed and change all of your daily routines. 


Going with the flow and wherever the wind takes you? 


That sounds dreamy until it’s time for a walk that your body relies on, or lunch time comes and goes with no food in sight.


What’s needed for travel for me each time is to bring things that will also keep me in line with my typical daily routine. 


Can we hold both? 

Perhaps that is what the anchor is here to remind us, even while floating high in this aerial view. 


Staying grounded is what each person needs could also be what’s needed on a road trip. 


It could also be what’s needed in life. 


I have found that these items may be what is magical, part of a dreamy sculpture and also pieces of my days. 


Consider this with me. 


Could it be this simple? 

A place to hold my things, look for what’s coming next, a place to live with joy and a way to stay anchored. 


My, how that makes me ready for what’s needed for my next trip. 

Who’d like to come, my friends? 


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  1. Margene Morris on July 4, 2024 at 2:39 pm

    Love it, as always you speak to my heart.

  2. Susan Bradshaw on July 10, 2024 at 2:44 am

    What an interesting piece of art! Travel can be so many different ways. My traveling over the last few years have been FB postings of others and places they are going, are at, have been too. It is a wonderful way to travel. Nothing like being anchored!
    Love ya’

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