Monday Comes #148 

Monday comes

Monday Comes


Today is when I restart and refocus as many times as needed. 


It is when I pause with Brandon, and we talk about what came to us during the past week. 


Spending time going over the people we saw, things we accomplished and when we took a breath. 


It’s also when we look at what is coming. 

This is when Brandon says you know that Monday comes so let’s talk about that. 


We had been comparing calendars years ago so we both knew who was going where and when. 


Making sure that we could tag teams and take care of business. 


It now brought a new level, so we stayed on track with each other.


This may be a new term to you, so I now get to share it with you. 


We started to look at each new week this way when the weeks seemed to be never ending. 


Have you had a time when each day looked the same? When the schedule looked like you were on a hamster wheel and the adventure was in the distance. 


This was a change for us after years of daily change with our son. 


When this new view of Monday became part of our lives, it also brought new energy and determination. 

I loved the team Monday comes!

I loved the term Monday comes and we ran with it! 


Who really likes going into a new week? 

The weekend may have been one of fun and a change of pace. 


Getting back into the grind for you may need this lift. 

Is this an absurd idea? I don’t think it is as we all need a bounce to our step.

Consider it as we continue as I share three points. 


When Monday comes in our world, we are up at sunrise to see the bursts of lights pop off a mountain or over a row of trees. 


I have a view of this scene that comes along and occasionally will even pull me over to capture it. 


Here are a few more places to catch a great view of a sunrise. Take a look!

Do you see how being up at dawn could be a bonus at times? 


Another point to come along for me is that I have been able to be with Brandon in making weekly plans. 


Let me tell you how fun this part is! 


We can realize that there is someone we want to see across a state, and we do it. 


Has this always been the case for us.



When there were three of us, we could talk about who would pack up the travel bags and then get to the next step. 


Then life changed and we skipped to the left with it. 

Making plans as we see the need help us when Monday comes.

Sometimes making plans as we see the need helps us when Monday comes, and we need to start a new dance step. 


That brings me to a final piece for now. 


Do we need to wait for Monday to come to do any of this? 


I have sat with this for a while now and realize that we can look for a sunrise anytime. 


Wait, that is the one thing I get to do as I travel many days. 


Do you see the colors here? 

That is what I have learned to see on Monday, as well. 


What else do we not have to wait for anymore? 


Making a change does not have to wait for Monday to come, my friends. 


It may be that I will continue to look at what we will do at the start of each week and yet can also know that change can be made at any time. 


What does that feel like for you? 


Let’s think about this week while looking up at the beautiful colors and when life changes.

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