Monday Comes #148 

Monday comes

Monday Comes   Today is when I restart and refocus as many times as needed.    It is when I pause with Brandon, and we talk about what came to us during the past week.    Spending time going over the people we saw, things we accomplished and when we took a breath.    It’s…

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What’s Needed for Travel? #147 

Needed for travel

What’s Needed for Travel?   How many of you are ready to take a road trip soon?    Do you have a list of things you were going to pack at your fingertips?    I’ve been on a few trips, and I now have my go to items ready to toss into my rolling bag…

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I Won’t Back Down #146 

I won't back down

I Won’t Back Down   It’s time to dance and do some fancy two steps this time around.    There came a time when I learned that I needed to stand in my place and do what comes next.  Even if the two steps took me through a bright puddle or two.    How long…

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Reach For the Sky #145

Reach for the sky

Reach For the Sky   Now is the time to look up and go for it.   It seems that summer brings on the energy for many things to reach for the sky and grow.    There is the right amount of sunshine, water comes when needed from a few sources and then there is…

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Finer Than Frog Hair #144 

Finer Than Frog Hair

Finer Than Frog Hair    The heat of summer is here in my part of the world.    Yet I am still pulling on the long sleeves and closed toe shoes to stay comfy when the fans and air conditioning comes on.    Some may say that this is different from their realm. I say…

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They Said It Would Be Impossible #143

Impossible Airplane

They Said It Would Be Impossible   Here is what I recently became aware of on a recent trip.    Perhaps you already knew this so play along for the new learner in me.    The first airplanes came about after years of trials, learning how to design and then came the lift.    Yes,…

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Popcorn Popping #142

Popcorn popping

Popcorn Popping   There are trees popping with color on the branches in my part of the world these days.  Some of the colors are white and gently flow in the winds.    Other colors appear to be purple and pink and have come alongside thorns and prickly branches.    I recently came back from…

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Road Less Traveled #141

Road Less Traveled

Road Less Traveled   I am in a time of life when I am on a road less traveled, different than those around me.    It could be that my twists and turns have brought me to a time that I tried to see coming.    Perhaps the turns that came also showed some views…

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Different perspectives #140 

Different perspectives

Different perspectives  Perception and different perspectives. What does this mean to you? Perhaps it depends on where you sit. It has been different perspectives at other times as I now pause with a memory. Sitting on a mountain next to the trees that grow like this.  Seemingly out of thin air on a ridge where…

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In the Park #139

In the Park

In the Park   Here we go! It’s time to find a light jacket and get ourselves in the park.    There are memories here that I will share with you as you open your closet and choose which one is right for you today.    Do you have the one you want?  Let’s go…

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