Weekend Wonderings

They are special.

They are Special #128

By Julia Pearce / January 29, 2024 /

  They are Special.   This month brings an extra week, so we are going to talk about something that has come to me a few times.    As I have traveled the roads across our state to see people about many things, it has included being able to have open conversations about Dallin.   …

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Just Another Day

Just Another Day #127 

By Julia Pearce / January 22, 2024 /

Just Another Day   Let’s dance together as time continues to roll along.    I have been dancing to this one for decades. It takes me back to when going through just another day was when I felt light on my feet, could come and go with a bit more ease and life was bright. …

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I Wanted to be a Ninja

I Wanted to Be a Ninja #126

By Julia Pearce / January 15, 2024 /

I Wanted to Be a Ninja   When I have the opportunity to present and talk with groups of people, I often ask what they wanted to be.    Is this the dream job they thought they’d be doing when they were 7 or 8 years old?  It is a fun question to ask, and…

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Trust the Dreams

Trust the Dreams #125

By Julia Pearce / January 8, 2024 /

Trust the Dreams   Have you started a night with great expectations of sleeping for at least 6 hours and then the darkness brings you something different?    Perhaps it’s not something startling and yet it wakes you up within an hour or two of pulling that blanket up over the shoulder.    I’ve had…

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Doing Things That Count

Doing Things That Count #124

By Julia Pearce / December 31, 2023 /

Doing Things That Count   I begin at the end of this week. One year is smashing to an end as another is rolling gently into its place.    It’s like watching a waltz with a 123, 123 step all together in alignment.    Sounds good to me as I look at doing things that…

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Tell Everybody I'm On My Way

Tell Everybody I’m On My Way #123

By Julia Pearce / December 25, 2023 /

Tell Everybody I’m On My Way    This year is almost done, and it is taking a bit more time to get places this week.    Have you been in a space like this before?    Things are planned and then you get a message that asks if you are coming?    Of course, I…

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White Knuckles

White Knuckles #122 

By Julia Pearce / December 18, 2023 /

White Knuckles   White is the color of the season in my part of the world.    The color is on the mountains with fluffy snow and on the trees in our home with twinkling lights.    It also happens to be on my white knuckles.    Do those things go together for anyone else? …

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Humble Yourself

Humble Yourself #121 

By Julia Pearce / December 13, 2023 /

Humble Yourself   There was a time when I found that learning about where my feet had landed in the universe was going to be a good and needed thing.    Worth the effort and all that jazz.    The quest led me to a presentation by Caroline McHugh that talks about being humble yourself. …

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Can you see what I see?

Do You See What I See? #120 

By Julia Pearce / December 4, 2023 /

Do You See What I See?   I love to go out at dawn all year long to watch the sunrise.    Did I hear you chortle and laugh as I said that?    Well, it is the truth and I do love to tell some truths so do you see what I see?  …

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Break it Down Book

Break it Down Again #119 

By Julia Pearce / November 27, 2023 /

Break it Down Again    It’s that time of year. Let’s break it down again for those of you who are looking for balance and calm.    I am here for the calm and yet have come to realize that balance is the great quest for some of us.   Does that include me?   …

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